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Summary: Checking tire pressure is something that every car owner needs to know how to do. Watch this video, and learn just how easy this necessary task really is.

The following is the transcript of the video:

Welcome to Tips.Net. Today we are going to be talking about checking your tire pressure, and checking it often.

Checking your tire pressure is really important if you want to save money on gas, new tires and you're going to have to check it often. We're going to go over why.

Begin by unscrewing the cap to your lid, and then putting it into your pocket. Use your tire pressure gauge to find out how much pressure you have in your tires. At the base of each tire pressure gauge is the actual reading you'll need to find. This tells you how many pounds per square inch are in your tires, also referred to as your PSI.

There are two ways to check the amount of pressure in your tires. First is by checking the tire itself, but the best way is to check your user's manual. It will have the exact amount of tire pressure designed for your vehicle.

When you're all done, take the cap that you so cleverly put in your pocket and screw it back on your tire.

Thanks for watching!


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