Dickering with the Dealer

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated February 21, 2009)


When anyone purchases a car, there is usually one situation that causes more pressure and discomfort than any other. That is the situation of having to dicker for a final price with the dealer. In order to get the best price for any vehicle purchase there are really only two things that you need to keep in mind. The first is information, and the second is staying firm on your price.

Becoming educated, getting the information needed to get the best deal on the price for any car deal is something that has been covered in other articles. However, here is a quick recap. Do some homework, checkout as many different places as you can think of that might have information about what your dream car's price is going for. Places you can go for such information are the Kelly Blue Book, the Internet, car magazines, and the various car dealers. In fact, that last option for getting information can be one of the greatest tools that you can use when dickering with the dealer. By simply saying "Dealer Bob, down the street, is making me this offer," is going to get you a surprising result. Many times, this simple phrase can get a dealer to drop hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from their asking price.

Most, if not all, car dealers work off of commission, so use that fact against them. Using the greed of one dealer against another, you can get much closer to the price that you want. This is the place where you need to use the second tool, this is where you need to stay firm on your price. What this means is that you are going to have to be fully prepared to get up and walk out of the door. Again, this is where a dealer's greed is going to work against them. Many dealers are not going to be able to sit there and watch a potential high dollar sale (and therefore a large commission) walk out the door. Don't be surprised if (and when) you do this the dealer you were talking to asks you to stop, calls you back towards them and says something along the lines of "Wait, let me see what I can do for you!" When you hear these magical words, you know that you are home free.

Dickering with a dealer does not have to be anywhere near as hard or difficult as you may have experienced in the past. Simply put, you can use their own information and tactics against them, and you are going to be able to succeed in getting your dream car.

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What is 7 - 6?

2012-01-01 10:55:57


"Dealer Bob down the street is making me this offer" is a ruse that may not have its effect since same area dealers generally know EXACTLY what there competitor is doing!
To suggest "A dealer I have been corresponding with from (name of other city) is offering me this 'out-the-door price' If you match this you save me a trip.Otherwise I'll send him a 'hold' deposit today."
That usually does the trick. But be sure it's an 'out-the-door price.'