Fixing Squeaky Door

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated March 30, 2012)


One of the more annoying problems with vehicles is that as they get older, they tend to make a lot of different noises. An example of this is how often the door on your car, truck, SUV, van, or similar vehicle will become squeaky with time. There are all kinds of reasons that the doors on these vehicles become squeaky over time. These reasons can range from something as simple as dirt and dust becoming worked into the hinges, to hinges becoming rusty. Whatever the reason, fixing squeaky doors isn't only possible, it is a project that you can do in a simple afternoon. All you really need to do is use one of these extremely helpful methods.

  • Hairspray. Spray some hair spray onto the hinges of your car. Once you have done that, work the door pen and closed a few times. Repeat the process two to three times on the door hinges until you the door stops squeaking. Repeat the entire process on each of the other doors until you no longer have any squeaks coming from the door hinges. Keep in mind that in order to really get the job done, you may need to repeat this method a couple of different times over the course of a few days.
  • WD-40. Another helpful method for getting rid of squeaky doors is to spray the hinges with some WD-40 or similar lubricating materials (such as a non-stick cooking spray). Once again, spray the hinges on your door with the lubricant, and then move the hinges back and forth to work the lubricant into the hinges properly. Once you have finished one door, move on to the next until you have removed the problem completely. Usually this method also works well on cleaning the door hinges so that you don't need to worry about formalized cleaning.
  • Periodic cleaning. Whether you use the WD-40 or some other method, the best way to fix a squeaky door is to make sure that it never shows up in the first place. This means that you will need to periodically do some cleaning, and keep up the practice regularly. The best way to clean your hinges is by using some steel wool, and a cleaning and lubricating material such as WD-40. Simply spray some of the WD-40 onto the hinges and then gently but firmly rub the hinges with the steel wool. This will help remove any rust and dirt that will accumulate on the hinges, which is the biggest cause of squeaky doors.

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2015-08-25 15:25:05

Dave P

Lubricants Can't Fix A Worn Part- I will tell anyone about this that I can. A few years ago, the front doors on my Chrysler started creaking when I open them. I bought my '2008 model new, and take good care of it. When I had asked the dealer about it then, I was told it was normal, and there wasn't much they could do. Oh, and they lubed the hinges every time I mentioned it.

As the years went on, the noise got worse, sounding like an old rusty truck. Finally, after much internet research, I found that it was probably the door check.

On my car it's a black plastc arm that goes from the body into the door and it holds your door open. You can't see the parts inside it, but the bushings wear out. No amount of lubricant can fix worn bushings.

So I went to a reliable auto body shop, had them look at it, and they confirmed it. I just had the work done today. The new door checks for both front doors (Chrysler parts) were about $60 each (in Aug. 2015). With labor, the bill was quite reasonable at about $170.00 for parts & labor. I didn't want to do it myself as I was a bit leery of removing the door panels.

The doors are now silent, and the tech explained that the internal parts of the door check were worn out. Trying to lube them at that point would have done little good, but if they HAD been lubed properly by my dealer at oil changes over the years, they'd have lasted longer. But NO oil change & lube place ever lubricates anything these days... Including car dealers.

He showed me how and where to lube them with LITHIUM spray. Do NOT use WD-40.

By the way, don't accept the "normal wear & tear" line. It happens to lots of car brands, and can be fixed. Some people have had these things break, and parts fell into the electric window mechanism. I've read several reports of Mercedes and Chevy owners going through the same thing.

So- if lubing your hinges doesn't work, try having your door check looked at.