Emergency Radiator Repairs

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated August 9, 2012)


All too often the radiator of a vehicle is one of the first things to go on an engine. Luckily, there are a few emergency radiator repairs that you can do to help ensure you get to the nearest mechanic. Just remember that these are only temporary repairs, and not permanent ones. That being said, these methods will work, though some will require some additional repairs if utilized.

  • Gum. Gum is a great item that can be used for emergency radiator repairs. To get the most out of your gum repair you will need to do two things. The first is to actually identify where the leak in the radiator is; while the second is to chew the gum thoroughly. With the softened gum, simply place it over the hole, refill the radiator, and drive to your favorite mechanic shop.
  • Bread. Bread can be used in much the same manner as gum. All you need to do is press a piece of bread against the leak in the radiator, and hold it there for a little bit. The flour in the bread will dissolve just enough from the fluid in the radiator enough to work its way into the hole, and the heat will then cook the bread so that it won't wash away.
  • Eggs. For moderately sized holes you can use some eggs to plug the hole. Break the shell and put the raw egg into the radiator. The pressure will end up pushing the egg towards the hole, and the heat will cook it enough so that will plug the hole. While this method is effective (at least for a very short time) it will require that your radiator is flushed after the hole is fixed.
  • Black pepper. If you drop a small amount of black pepper, such as the packets that you get from a fast food restaurant, you can plug up small holes in your radiator. The pepper doesn't dissolve, and is forced towards the hole by the fluid escaping through the leak. This is another method that will require your radiator being flushed after the repairs are made.
  • Radiator sealant. There is a product available at most automotive parts stores that you can use which can end up working just as well, if not better, as most of the other methods listed here. All you really need to do is read the directions that come with the product, and use it accordingly. Keep in mind that the sealant will usually only work on smaller holes about the size of a pin hole.

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2015-01-31 11:34:23

Richard Vert

These fixes are like to get your car home only. They're like super temporary if they even work at all. I've tried them all. Also leave the radiator cap loose to keep the pressure from blowing apart the repair. Good luck.