Your Car Horn won't Stop Blowing

Written by Doris Donnerman (last updated May 25, 2010)


If your car horn starts blaring and seems to be "stuck" (it won't stop blowing), you could be in for a few embarrassing moments. There's nothing quite like the stares and expressive hand gestures you can draw as your horn takes on a life of its own. There are a couple of things you can do to get the horn to stop.

If it got stuck when you pressed on the horn switch on the steering wheel, it could be because the switch itself is stuck. Press the horn switch again, or tap it a few times to see if it gets unstuck.

Turn off the engine and look for your fuse box. Look through the circuit descriptions and see if you can find one for the horn. If you can, pull the fuse. This should silence the horn immediately.

If you can't find the fuse box, can't remove the fuse, or the horn doesn't turn off, then you need to resort to more drastic measures. Open the hood of the car and try to locate the horn. If the rear of the horn is visible, you might be able to see the wires that lead to it. Disconnect the wires. If you can't disconnect them, then cut one of the wires. If you cut the wire, wrap the resulting two ends of the wire with tape so that they can't short out your electrical system.

You could disconnect the main wires that run to your battery. You shouldn't cut these but should disconnect them using a wrench. This might "reset" the horn. Hook the wires back up and if the horn doesn't turn back on, you should go directly to an auto repair shop to figure out what is going on. If the horn does turn back on, you'll need to locate and disconnect (or cut) the wires to the horn as previously described. Then, go to the auto repair shop and let them replace the horn for you.

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What is one more than 0?

2020-08-28 12:24:29


Yes but what if I went under the hoods fuse box and took both the horn fuse and relay out and then attempted to hook back up the wire plug connector to the horn and it still blows constantly, not like when the VAT security system has been activated and the horn makes a beep beep beep. can you help me figure this one out. I dismissed the horn switch on the steering column because of what I have all ready told you. by the way my vehicle is a 2003 buick century custom, super picker model, no frills at all.

2019-06-01 10:36:27


Reply to "Soaking Rug": My 2006 Jeep Liberty had the same issue 3 years ago and I posted on this website looking for answers. My car's horn would not stop blowing after it rained overnight (very embarrassing!). I pulled the fuse and took the car to the garage looking for answers. They thought maybe the sunroof was clogged, so they worked on that and referred me to another garage to look for leaks. The next garage looked for leaks, replaced my carpet, and pointed out the issue that they weren't equipped to fix. Unfortunately, the roof above the driver's side door was RUSTING, which allowed water to enter down the driver's side pillar into the fuse box and onto the carpet. I took my car to a body shop to assess the rust damage. My options were to replace the entire roof (recommended because this will guarantee the rust is fully removed) or they could patch the area (will temporarily take care of the rust). I chose to have them patch the area because they estimated that it would cost $3,000 to $4,000 to replace the roof, which is probably more than the value of my car. The patch held up for about 2 years, but the leak is back. I plan on getting rid of the car soon. I recommend looking for rust on the driver's side roof. Hope this helps!

2019-05-31 11:00:10

Soaking Rug

Jeep Liberty 2004 - Every time it rain the rug on the driver side would get wet, and so did my shoes due to the dripping. Then one morning ( raining of course) my horn started blowing and would not stop. This had gone on for almost 30 minutes because I did 't think it was my car, until my neighbors started knocking on my door. I took it to my car repair place and they pulled the fuse so until I get it looked at I have no horn and I can't use my windows. I am pretty sure that some how the fuse panel got wet since it is right there on the drivers side.

2018-09-09 14:15:50


Hi for a while my remote has been broken so i had to use the kye to get in the door of my 04 deville, 1st my key started working only some of the time, therefore locking the doors with the button and manually unlocking 1 door, so if anyone tries to get in the alarm will sound, on yesterday i went to the emissions testing place and came home, drove the car once more after that everything was fine but then i tried to drive once more but nothing happen when i turned the key, then the horn came on also the headlights they consistently stay on and nothing else works, help please anyone

2018-08-27 22:56:18

Jose Gomez

The lights and horn had to be disconnected from alarm because when I would put in alarm fuse the horn would stay on constantly and so did the lights.

2017-10-15 21:00:08

nicolia holmes

I also have a 2010 dodge journey and I am having the same problems my car doors unlock windows roll down and my horn constantly blows. I took my car to the dealer when this first happened and they said if it is not happening now we can't tell what the problem is really . I need Dodge to also figure this out it has to be a recall how can this be just a random act they need to fix this and now my engine light is on

2017-06-01 12:03:22


Has anyone been able to solve this problem? I have a Dodge Journey 2010 and this just started happening the other night I have taken the fuses out for the noise pollution! But I want this issue fixed! I see one of the last posts about this happening was in 2015 has this been resolved yet?

2017-01-08 07:28:12


I have a Buick lesebra. The horn is blowing! I haven't driving the car in 2days! We just had a snow storm and my doors are frozen shut! I can't open the doors and my key fob isn't working! How can I shut it off!?

2016-12-18 00:12:56


This has happen to me three times this year. Like others, I also have a 2010 Dodge Journey the first time (Jan 2016) my horn would sound while driving by itself but only briefly but then started doing this in the middle of the night for about 2 minutes stop and do it every 10-15 minutes so I changed the fuse and it seemed to work, about 8 months later (Oct 20116) it happen again, this time my doors would unlock by itself and the front windows would roll half way as well, I removed the fuses to silence the horn. There was a recall on the ignition switch and key fob, so I figured this might be the reason for this issue, both were replaced (NOV 3rd) and I thought this fixed the problem. I just came back in from having to remove the fuses again because my horn started going off at 10:30 pm. Dodge needs do something about this! I will be taking my car in when I find the time I hope I can get this problem resolved I hate having to remove fuses while horn is sounding it is too loud

2016-11-15 12:17:37


My 03 Chrysler Sebring lx is giving me issuers with when I shut the car off an soon as I exit the vehicle the Horn an starts blaring !!

2016-09-29 03:27:53



This morning my car horn (Nissan Sunny 2002) was blowing non-stop and the wire to horn had to be detached for the horn sound to stop.

I took to garage and they showed me few white plastic broken pieces when then opened the casing beneath the steering wheel.

The garage advised me to change the entire steering wheel, I need assistance and comments from yourself as to whether the entire steering wheel needs to be changed.

Please advice.

2016-09-13 01:37:19


For GM. The horn going off intermittently may be the clock spring inside the steering column. Clock spring is how horn stays connected while the steering wheel turns. If replacing a steering column use one from same vehicle year and type, resistance on the key will be the same but you have to let the system learn the new key. You can see how to do this on you tube.

2016-09-04 12:14:29

len christie

good comments above simple. late at night in the garage horn started blaring...PoLice disconected the battery.
wHaT's it all about?

2016-08-30 00:12:26


One more thing.........this is a safety issue as I am not able to use my horn to avoid hitting another car or even a small child!!!! Recall

2016-08-30 00:09:07


WE have had the same problem with our 2010 Dodge Journey. We were not home and ours went off for several hours. Had the neighbors upset! We had to pull the fuses to get it to stop. I am sure the dealer will want money to diagnose it. Please Dodge owe up to your problems.

2016-08-24 23:17:21


I have a 2010 Dodge Journey. The horn blows when it wants too. In the middle of the night in my yard, stopped at a traffic light, driving down the road, etc. I have been to the Dodge dealer twice now with no solution except for me to pay $1300 to have the TIPM diagnosed. That is not even a guarantee it will correct it. Next step is to pull the horn fuse. YouTube random horn honking! You will be surprised! Dodge refuses to recall this problem. Said it is not a dangerous problem for a recall. Help????

2016-08-23 09:04:26


There can be a remarkably simple solution to this.
Happened to me over a period of 2 weeks. We tried everything to fix the problem. The horn was randomly sounding and the lights were flashing at the same time.
After a long fact finding journey, it turned out that the battery in the key fob was dying. The car was 'looking' for the fob battery, didn't find it as the battery was weak, so was sounding the alarm. I changed the fob battery and the problem was gone.
Might not work for everyone but is worth a try.

2016-08-21 03:11:45


2010 Dodge Journey. I thought it was my neighbors car (parked right next to each other) until I figured out it was mine, so I drove it around, not one sound. But when I got back and parked it, sat in the car with the key in my lap, it started again. In thinking maybe some water has gotten somewhere since its been raining all night...

2016-08-12 17:17:21

Bill Flynn

2005 Chev. classic horn will not turn off, lift near air bag horn stops, local shop can not repair, states need new air and will cost $. any help on this

2016-08-02 19:46:04

Kyle helms

My 1995 Ford F-150 one day started horn honking after putting into gear and letting off the brake with the drivers side door is closed. When the door is open the horn does not honk.
When I push the horn to honk, the horn stays on until I pump the brake several times.
What do I do ? HELP !
Is my truck haunted ?

2016-07-30 06:07:13


"Constant horn"? haha. I'm sure some flange lube would fix that problem. Oh my life.

2016-07-19 20:36:21

William OMeara

These seem to be good hints. My horn has begun to randomly go off from time to time until I disconnect the battery. Thanks!

2016-07-19 17:04:00


I was having problems with my horn staying on and could not shut it off. I disconnected the wires to the horns, which stopped them blowing. I never thought in a million years that it would be the battery in the fob. What a piece of crap!!!!! Well, we still love our Jeep. But isn't that the strangest thing????

2016-07-14 18:10:55


I have a 2008 Honda Civic LX 4 dr.
When I push on the steering wheel to make the horn works, it doesn't sound at first try, but when I try several times I can get that the horn works.
What can this problem be due to?.
Thanks a lot for any help about.
Best Regards.

2016-07-08 18:48:39

L Willies

Chrysler Sebring LX 2008, car horn blast on its own and then the car shuts down.
I have too sit for awhile then restart the car to my destination. This just started recently and has continued for a couple of days. What is the solution on a fixed budget? Thank You

2016-05-27 10:05:21


I battled with the same problem for over a week. Car lights would now and then start flashing and the horn was sounding simultaneously. Also, the car locks were opening and closing on their own at the same time as the horn and lights. I tried everything suggested here and more besides. Cutting a week-long story short, the problem turned out to be a failing key fob battery. I unscrewed the fob, removed the round battery and waited... problem solved!  Couldn't believe that such a major problem had such a simple solution. It's worth noting that when I ordered the new battery, I ordered an extra for the spare fob key. It may not work for everyone but it's worth a try. Hope that helps someone.

2016-04-18 10:48:06


My car horn is not stuck but it blow on its on I can start my car then a few moments later it will go off the once I start driving and come to a stop it goes off again it does this all the time and I'm not sure what it is

2016-04-17 01:55:14


Picked up 2016 Ranger two weeks ago, suddenly started sounding horn on a morning from 3:00am onwards only way to stop is to remove fuse under bonnet. Ford have replaced horn relay, had vehicle back two days and has started again 5:00am this morning😕. Alarm has separate horn which has never sounded do really unsure but what is more worrying I don't think garage know either???.

2016-04-10 23:22:19


This happened to my 2006 Jeep Liberty yesterday. My car was sitting in the driveway and the horn went off by itself. Removing the fuse stopped the horn from blaring. My car wouldn't start so I had to get it towed to the garage.

2016-03-20 22:59:14


This just happened to me at 10:20pm on my 1999 Jeep Cherokee. I ignored it at first because I didn't think it was me. The car was out of remote range so no accidents there. Not to mention it's a constant horn, not like the panic sound. I pulled the fuse to silence it. A lot of Jeeps on this thread...what's up with that?

2016-03-18 08:07:27


my car horn went off on its own whilst parked was a constant horn.i tryed the key fob alarm and it didnt stop i started car up and that didnot stop it,so i took battery lead off.can you tell me why this happend.many thanks

2016-02-20 10:04:00


Happened to my 2011 Grand Cherokee. Tried pulling the fuse and it didn't stop. After what seemed like forever, I disconnected the wires through the grill of both horns.

2016-02-19 23:32:16


This has been happening in my 07 Jeep Liberty. It's terrible and makes me panic stricken. Anyone know how I can unplug the horn next time this happens???

2016-01-30 13:23:46


This had been happening to our '99 jeep grand Cherokee the for the past few weeks and it's in the shop now and the mechanics can't figure out why it's doing it! They say it's going to cost me $300 just for them to follow the wire to see if it's a struck button...but I haven't heard from them in 24 hours! Very frustrating. It's at a jeep dealership too. You would think it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out if all you know is jeeps inside and out.

2016-01-18 05:01:38

Brett Boehm

Picked up my new Ford Ranger from work. Went on a job out west and bunked up in a motel in Bathurst. Rudely awakened at 3:00am by continuous horn sounding!! Woke up everyone in motel and probably half of Bathurst!! After a few anxious minutes, finally disconnected battery to stop the nightmare!! NRMA removed the horn relay fuse to prevent reoccurrence. Ford fixed the problem a week later. A week later it happened again at neighbours are still not talking to me. Ford are fixing again?!>?

2016-01-06 04:50:29


Brit- has this happened to you since? I have a 98 intrigued and the exact same thing happened to me. I woke the entire neighborhood!

2015-10-30 09:24:26


I have an 2004 oldsmobile alero and around 5am this morning my horn was going off for whatever reason I don't know. It was like someone was just pressing the horn non stop.My bf cranked the car up and press the horn and it went off. The horn seems to be stuck and when I press it, it does nothing. Any advice?


2015-10-23 20:53:55


Like Lisa above (01/22/2014 post) My 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee was sitting in the driveway after the day's use. At about 01:30am the horn just started blaring! It would not stop when I started my Jeep, so I turned it off. My husband then disconnected the battery-that was fast "get the damn horn to stop blaring" before one of our neighbors called the cops on us. He then pulled the fuse, blew canned air on it & the connectors. He then reconnected the battery, put the fuse back in & Surprise! the horn continued to blare. He took out the fuse & put it back in & it started up again. Anyone have any ideas?? This has never happened, we have been quite lucky, no issues with our Cherokee.

2015-10-19 10:57:00

Brent Kovac

I had three horns replaced because of this problem .. and reading on the internet it seems that many that have this problem have had aftermarket security/remote start systems installed in the vehicle and they malfunction and cause problems with the horn blowing ... do any of you on this thread .. and I know it is an old thread . but do you have after market security/remote start systems in the vehicle that had horn blowing problems?

2015-10-13 09:21:54


My 1994 Ford F-150 XL had this problem a couple days ago, and I was just about to drive off from home, I till the horn went off. It took me and my mom about 10 minutes to turn it off, we just pulled every single fuse there was. Until one worked.

2015-08-14 09:11:23


My 2010 Dodge Journey SXT has had this problem for quite some time. Three dealer visits and nothing they've done has fixed it. This last round they replaced the clockspring.

2015-07-20 20:34:35


I wouldn't turn the motor off...

you could kill the battery while trying to find the fuse/problem. This happened to me today, turned car off for about 2 minutes with horn was slow to start back up.

You can pull a fuse with the motor running.

It's almost definitely the contact/switch anyways, so just pull the fuse to start with.

2015-06-17 17:15:07


Just had this happen in the Walmart parking lot with my 1999 jeep grand cherokee, popped the hood and stepped in front of it and the horn shut off.

2014-12-07 11:07:57


I have a electric starter in my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and every time i start it with the electric starter the horn goes off before it starts. I don't like how it does that causing attention to the car if its in a parking lot and if I want my car to be warm without the horn going off at 5 in the morning I have to go out and start the car so it doesn't wake the neighbors up. Is there anything I can do to stop the horn, or would I have to buy a new one that doesn't have the horn feature?

2014-06-11 14:41:30


we had a ford excursion with a leaky windshield. water was dripping on the steering wheel and eventually made the electrical connection necessary for the horn to start blaring at 2 in the morning. if it was raining when it started goin off, id start looking for leaks

2014-01-22 12:59:05


Hi I pulled the fuse & that helped but what makes it start blasting while just sitting in the driveway overnight??

2012-05-14 11:22:26

Eva Herbert

Thanks a lot for these tips!
They seem to be quite reasonable and useful! Especially for a blondie and her old trashy car... ;)) lol;)

Eva Herbert, manager of free winrar download