The lights in your car provide you as the driver with the essential information you need to make sure your car is running properly. From the amount of gas in your tank, the temperature of your engine, to signaling your upcoming turn to other drivers, keeping the lights in your car working is critical for successful driving.

In this section you'll find tips on changing brake lights, tail lights, and dashboard lights. We've even included some information on adding some car lights accessories.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Car Lights Don't Work
What do you do if you get in the car one day and find out that the headlights or taillights aren't working? This tip can help you track down the source of the problem.

   Checking Your Dashboard Lights
Checking your dashboard lights is a rather important piece of preventative maintenance. Those sometimes annoying lights are called "idiot lights" for a reason. Here is the easiest method for finding out if yours are working properly.

   Do Fog Lights Really Help in Fog?
Fog lights have become an increasingly common piece of equipment on just about every kind of four wheel vehicle there is over the past several years. Just because they are popular doesn't mean that they are really effective. If you have ever asked yourself the question "Do fog lights really help in fog?" then you have come to the right place.

   Fixing Brake Lights
Are you a nervous novice when it comes to automotive repair? Never fear! Develop a little confidence and you can soon be the newest gear head on your block. One of the easiest ways to gain that confidence is to start with simple repair projects on your car and one of the easiest jobs is fixing brake lights.

   Replacing a Tail Light
Replacing a tail light is one of the easiest electrical jobs that you can perform on your own car. Here is how you can replace yours in less than 10 minutes.

   Replacing an Interior Light
Eventually, lights burn out. Replacing a car's interior light is a simple and easy process that can take you all of about 5 minutes, here's how.

   Watching Your Car's Warning Lights
Most cars come with several different dials, gauges, and lights to provide information about what your car is doing. In reality, there are only a few different warning lights you need to closely watch.