Electrical Repairs

Fixing electrical problems is one area of car repair that can be somewhat intimidating. Why not try and prevent the need for car electrical repair? These tips explain how to care for the battery in your car, how to jump your car if the battery dies, and how to replace a bad battery.

If the problem is more complicated than a dead battery, you will want to try your hand at electrical troubleshooting. This will help you isolate the problem so you can decide if a mechanic needs to be involved in the repair. Sometimes the problem is in the fuse box. You?ll find a handy tip on how to access the box and change a fuse.

With a bit of information, you?ll find that taking care of the small car repairs can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Charging Your Battery
Having a battery die on you can be an embarrassing and frustrating event. Luckily, charging your battery is something that you can do pretty much at anytime, anywhere. Here is how you can do that.

   Jumping Your Car when the Battery Is Dead
You jump in the car, turn the key, and get nothing—your battery is dead. Your battery needs a jump, and here's how to do it.

   Replacing a Battery
No matter how well you take care of your car, you will eventually need to replace the battery. Replacing a battery is an easy and quick job that only takes about 45 minutes (if that) to do. Here's how.

   Replacing a Fuse
While it might seem daunting, replacing a fuse in your car can be an easy task. All you need is a little confidence, and this how to.

   Stopping Battery Terminal Corrosion
Battery terminal corrosion is one of the many ways that your car's battery might stop working. Luckily, stopping battery terminal corrosion is an easy thing to do. Here's how.

   Troubleshooting an Electrical Problem
Automotive electrical systems can be a tad confusing, and troubleshooting an electrical problem can be daunting. It doesn't have to be though because here is an easy step by step method for troubleshooting an electrical problem.

   Winter Battery Care
When winter rolls around, there is pretty much nothing that is affected by the cold weather than your battery. Instead of taking the risk of having to buy a new battery for your car every time the temperature drops below freezing, learn some basic winter battery care.