Interior Repairs

No matter how carefully you treat the interior of your car, at some point those interior parts will show some wear and tear. The upholstery, trim, and lights all need to be repaired or replaced periodically to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, a number of interior car repairs can be handled without the assistance of a professional. The tips in this section explain how to swap a steering wheel, handle upholstery cleaning, and replace the lights on the inside of your car.

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   Fixing a Broken Steering Wheel
A steering wheel is one of the most important parts of a car. After all, can you actually use a car it? If your steering wheel is broken, here is what you need to do to fix it.

   Fixing Ripped Upholstery
While upholstery is not a vital component of your vehicle, it certainly has an impact on how you feel about your car. Having ripped upholstery can affect your entire driving experience. Learn how to repair your upholstery, and fall in love with your car all over again,

   Installing Seat Covers
Seat covers are a great thing to get for your car or truck. They can protect the seats from rips, tears and spills and add a personal touch to your vehicle. Installing a seat cover is a rather easy task, but can often be frustrating for the beginning home mechanic. Here's what you do.

   Removing a Steering Wheel
Typically the initial step to being able to fix, repair, or even personalize a steering wheel is to remove it. Removing a steering wheel can be a tad confusing for the beginning home mechanic. Here is all the information you need to do the job.

   Replacing a Rear View Mirror
If there is one part that just about every car or truck has, then it is a rear view mirror. In many states a rear view mirror is considered a necessary safety measure, and some states won't allow a vehicle to operate legally without one. Good thing that replacing a rear view mirror isn't that difficult.

   Replacing an Interior Light
Eventually, lights burn out. Replacing a car's interior light is a simple and easy process that can take you all of about 5 minutes, here's how.

   Replacing Car Door Seals
One thing that seems to need replacing on many vehicles is the seal around the door. Unless you don't mind the added weather and noise inside your car, you need to know how to replace your car's door seals. Here's how.

   Replacing Your Odometer
For some reason many people are afraid to tackle repairing or replacing the odometer on their vehicle. The truth is that if you are careful, replacing your odometer isn't that difficult. Just follow these simple steps, and you have the problem fixed.