Window Repairs

The windows in your car prevent the outside from coming in while you are driving. More importantly, they allow you to see what's happening around your car without the wind blowing in your face. The windshield is the most important window on your car and it also has parts that need continual replacement, the windshield wipers.

Fortunately, changing your wiper blades is not complicated. There is a great video in this section that shows how to do this yourself. You'll also find tips on how to handle a broken windshield and how to tint your windows.

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   Dealing with a Broken Windshield
Getting a ding in your windshield that transforms itself into a crack is an all too common problem for automobiles. Dings are easy to fix if you take action quickly. What do you do, however, if something big breaks your windshield as you are driving?

   Fixing a Rock Chip
If you have a rock chip in your windshield you can always hire some one to do the work for you, and end up paying up to several hundred dollars to get the job done. Or, you can do the work yourself. Fixing a rock chip isn't that hard if you know what to do.

   Fixing a Window that Won't Roll Up
Let's face are great, wonderful things that will allow you to determine whether you want to face the elements or not. That is, as long as the windows will operate properly. Good thing that fixing a window that won't roll up isn't that difficult.

   Fixing Broken Power Windows
No matter how new, or how well maintained a car or truck is there will come a time when problems crop up. One such situation is when the power windows on your vehicle decide to stop working for whatever reason. Fixing broken power windows is something that just about anyone can do, if you simply follow a few simple steps.

   Fixing Cracked Windows
While we would all like to think that our cars and trucks are invulnerable, the sad truth is that they are actually pretty fragile. One example of this can be found in the windows, and just how easy it is for them to get cracks.

   Fixing Your Windshield Wipers
Windshield wipers are one of those things you take for granted—until you need them and they aren't working correctly. Keeping your windshield wipers in top form is a good way to be ready for the time you really will need them.

   Removing Tinting from Windows
If there is one problem with the aftermarket window tinting that is most often used on vehicles, it is that over time it will get old and need to be replaced. Well, in order to replace the tinting, you need to first remove the old tinting. Removing tinting from windows isn't difficult, though it will take some effort on your part.

   Tinting Your Windows
If you are considering having your windows tinted, instead of spending your hard earned money to have someone else do it for you, do it yourself. Here is a step by step guide for tinting your windows.