Brake Repairs

Some car repairs are necessary to keep your car operating safely. Your brake system is one area you don't want to ignore. The consequences of driving with worn brakes can be deadly. But repairing and replacing this essential component doesn't have to break the bank.

This section of tips provides information on how to recognize the symptoms of failing breaks and how replace the basic parts of your breaking system. You can become your own break expert!

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Adjusting Emergency Brakes
Most people don't really think about the emergency brakes on their vehicle until they really need them. As such, it is probably one of the most overlooked parts on any vehicle. Occasionally adjusting emergency brakes can help ensure that they are in good working order, at least as long as you do it the right way.

   Bleeding Your Brake Lines
Bleeding your brake lines is an important part of vehicle maintenance and should be done whenever you change your brakes. Instead of paying someone else to do it for you, here is how you can become your own brake specialist.

   Checking Your Emergency Brake
Checking your emergency brake is a vital part of preventative maintenance that is often overlooked. This task is an easy one and has several different methods for checking. Here are a few.

   Dealing with Failing Brakes
Your brakes are an integral part of your car. Everyone knows that they are essential for stopping your car. But what do you do if you notice some problems with your brakes?

   Fixing Brake Lights
Are you a nervous novice when it comes to automotive repair? Never fear! Develop a little confidence and you can soon be the newest gear head on your block. One of the easiest ways to gain that confidence is to start with simple repair projects on your car and one of the easiest jobs is fixing brake lights.

   Fixing Squeaky Brakes
Squeaky brakes can be annoying and embarrassing. Knowing how to fix them can help you keep your sanity while saving money. Here is how you can fix your squeaky brakes.

   How Do Anti-lock Brakes Work?
Have you ever wondered how anti-lock brakes work? While most people may think that they are a complex and complicated system to understand, the truth is just a tad different. Take the time to learn more about how your vehicle works, and you will also know how to take care of it a little bit better.

   How to Check Your Brake Fluid
Too many people go by without checking their brake fluid themselves, and leave it for their periodic tune up. Instead of hoping that everything is alright, why not learn how to check your brake fluid yourself? It's that difficult.

   Replace Brake Drums
While it might be intimidating to replace brake drums, it does not mean that the average person can't do it. Instead of paying high fees to someone else, do the work yourself. Follow these instructions, and you will soon have new brakes on your car.

   Replacing Disc Brake Pads
Replacing disc brakes and pads is an easy automotive repair job. While it can be a little intimidating to try and replace these things, since we are talking about the items that make your car STOP, never fear. This is something that anyone can do.

   Replacing Disc Brake Rotors
When you fix your disc brakes, there are times when you are going to notice the rotors are bad as well. Replacing disc brake rotors is a fairly easy operation, basically a few extra steps from replacing disc brake pads. Here's how you can do it.